Category: Sex Work

Dec 13
Teachers and OnlyFans

Teachers and OnlyFans in a high school in Missouri. Two English teachers harbored a secret that would ultimately lead to their professional downfall, OnlyFans. These teachers, like many others, turned to adult content creation to supplement their income, given the relatively low salaries in their field. However, the revelation of their side careers has ignited […]

May 18
California topless bar – Set to become nation’s only unionized strippers

Dancers at a California topless bar, in Los Angeles, are expected to form the only unionized group of strippers in the U.S. later this week, organizers said Tuesday.  The National Labor Relations Board had approved a petition for union recognition election back in October, but Star Garden Topless Dive Bar challenged the validity of certain […]

Mar 26
Lawyer quit to become an OnlyFans Performer

Lawyer quit to become an OnlyFans Performer less than six months after getting her first job as an attorney. Her legal role paid $75,000 a year, but the 27-year-old made that much in February alone, and has made more than $180,000 through OnlyFans in the first three months of this year. To protect her privacy, […]

Feb 09
Could prostitution soon be legal in San Francisco?

As San Francisco prepares to block vehicle traffic from a stretch of the Mission District this month in an attempt to stifle street prostitution, the idea of creating a designated district for sex work is gaining traction among some advocates and officials. A red-light district might not be a far-fetched concept in the Mission, where […]

Jun 10
Sex Worker Self-Publishes Unique How-To Guide

Sex worker and journalist Cathy Reisenwitz has just self-published a booklet called 3 Steps to Better Boinking. Humorously titled, it obviously tackles the secrets to good sex; but it’s not your typical how-to guide. Many, if not most, sex guides focus primarily on what to do with your body parts during sex. This guide is different […]

Jan 10
Sex work decriminalization bill introduced

State NewsA group of lawmakers has introduced a bill for the 2020 session that would decriminalize sex work in the state of Vermont. The bill, only four pages long, would simply repeal current sex work statutes prohibiting the act. Human trafficking and the sale of sex that is coerced in any form would still be […]