California topless bar – Set to become nation’s only unionized strippers

Dancers at a California topless bar, in Los Angeles, are expected to form the only unionized group of strippers in the U.S. later this week, organizers said Tuesday. 

The National Labor Relations Board had approved a petition for union recognition election back in October, but Star Garden Topless Dive Bar challenged the validity of certain voters, the Actors’ Equity Association said in a statement. The union has worked with the dancers for over a year on their organization efforts, Actors Equity said Tuesday.

An Ruda, a lawyer representing the bar, said a resolution has been reached and the challenges were withdrawn, paving the way for the NLRB to certify the election vote. 

“Star Garden is committed to negotiating in good faith with Actor’s Equity a first of its kind collective bargaining agreement which is fair to all parties,” Ruda said in a statement.

The bar had also filed for bankruptcy, but agreed to seek a dismissal of the bankruptcy case so that Star Garden can reopen within 30-60 days of the dismissal, the lawyer said.

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