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Desire Riviera Maya Resort - adults only couples only vacation


Desire Riviera Maya Resort is an adults-only, couples-only, clothing optional vacation. Desire has sensual experiences and exclusive services.

So, at Desire Riviera the moment you arrive, you'll be submerged in a dream world of erotic pleasure. From gourmet restaurants serving exotic cuisine. Caribbean cocktails and Bali beach beds on soothing white sand. Or our breathtaking clothing-optional beachfront. We offer a sensual, temperature rising environment. Furthermore, we invite you and other like-minded couples to enjoy the game of seduction.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort has accommodations and suites seductively designed with spaces to awaken your senses. They are the backdrop for what lies ahead.

At Desire Riviera, provocative entertainment and signature theme nights set the stage. So, finally, you'll able to bring your most desired fantasies to life, and the pleasure does not stop there. Each moment is a new experience for continuing pleasure, with relaxing spa treatments to captivate you, or a fantasy menu dedicated to please you.


Choose the intensity of your adult-only experience, to create the perfect stay, in a world where clothing is optional and fantasies are endless. Desire Riviera Maya Resort will bring your dreams to life in an atmosphere that is BEYOND SEDUCTION…


Breathtaking beaches of the Caribbean


So discover the breathtaking beaches of the Caribbean at Desire Riviera Maya Resort, and submerge yourself in a deliciously erotic ambiance, without inhibitions. From your arrival, you will feel the sexually charged energy housed within a luxurious, all-inclusive program, designed to captivate your senses, with erotic events, exclusive service, and world-class amenities.

Above all, the atmosphere at our couples resort will ignite your passions, provoking you, moment by moment. As a result, you'll likely fulfill just one more Desire. Take yourself to the limits of pleasure as you and your couple enjoy this uniquely erotic, conceptual resort.

At Desire Riviera Maya Resort All Inclusive, we offer the following amenities for your enjoyment:

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