Former Sex Worker Naomi Sayers Runs For Office

Former sex worker Naomi Sayers mentioned she will not be shocked by her fourth-place lead to the newest provincial election, held Wednesday.

It can be difficult to believe that attitudes are changing about the adult industry when we still deal with judgements, discrimination, and disenfranchisement daily.

Yet, there is progress.

Steps toward decriminalization of sex work in states like New York, and Wisconsin, India’s recent supreme court decision defining prostitution as a profession, and the rise of former sex workers in professions outside the industry shows real movement. Of these advancements, it’s the last topic which is possibly the most important: freedom for sex workers to pursue any job they want without discrimination – especially in the political arena.

It’s trailblazers like Canadian, Naomi Sayers who recently announced her candidacy for the Saul Ste. Marie, Ontario provincial election that are paving the way.

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