From Glam Rooms to Sex Rooms: Hollywood’s Go-to Designer’s A-List Journey

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, a famed interior designer in Hollywood, reflects on the recent demands of his A-list clients requests from Glam Rooms to Sex Rooms: Hollywood’s Go-to Designer’s A-List Journey. Lately, he’s been labeled the “Glam Room King” – a trend influenced by his collaborations with the Kardashian-Jenners. He remarks, “Their homes double as film sets. We’ve had to innovate, especially with lighting to ensure they always appear flawless on screen. These ‘glam rooms’ are multifunctional, catering to entertainment, script reading, TV watching, and more.”

Surprisingly, Bullard reveals a rise in requests for “sex rooms”. One such anonymous client wished for one inspired by a Chanel handbag – think patent-leather walls and gold-plated accessories.

Born in Lewisham, Bullard’s beginnings were modest. At 12, he persuaded his father to lease a stall at Greenwich Market. Here, he’d sell antiques, capturing the attention of American tourists. “That’s where I honed my eye for design,” he muses. This venture funded his initial acting pursuits. After a stint at the Lee Strasberg drama school and some acting gigs, Bullard headed to Hollywood at 21, hoping for stardom.

Though film success eluded him, a twist of fate set his career trajectory. After decorating his own space, a film producer took notice and commissioned him for a job. Subsequently, he met Liz Heller of Capitol Records, followed by an introduction to supermodel Cheryl Tiegs. Hired by Tiegs without even showcasing his portfolio, Bullard’s design journey took off, leading to collaborations with stars like Sigourney Weaver and Christina Aguilera.

His clientele now boasts big names such as Cher, Elton John, and RuPaul. He admits, “Never did I imagine, as a kid from south London, that I’d dine with legends like Diana Ross or Elton John.”

Beyond his astonishing clientele list, Bullard values personal connections. He shares, “Many high-profile clients have become friends. Just recently, I spent a week on Tommy Hilfiger’s yacht.” His new book, “Star Style”, featuring three decades of his work, includes homes of close client-friends. Cher’s foreword fondly recounts Bullard’s acquisition of an Indian palace façade for her LA apartment.

Unlike some designers, Bullard doesn’t have a set style. “Every client is a new adventure,” he states. Whether it’s Gwen Stefani’s zebra print plane or a vibrant space for rapper Machine Gun Kelly, Bullard’s mission is to bring clients’ visions to life.

He has faced some quirky requests, like a garage adorned in gold leaf. Occasionally, there are behavioral challenges. Bullard notes, “If clients lack respect for my team, I won’t work with them.”

Working with celebrities often means managing their understanding of time, especially with custom designs. Bullard remarks on the challenges, especially in the current climate with shipping delays, emphasizing that custom work can’t always be rushed.

Bullard’s love for history shines through in projects like restoring an Irish Georgian manor. “Such projects are close to my heart. Restoring history is truly rewarding.”

His portfolio ranges from a whopping $40 million budgets to more economical ventures. He even starred in “60 Minute Makeover” with Peter Andre, a testament to his versatility.

His TV journey continues with a soon-to-be-released Disney+ show. “Ironically,” Bullard reflects, “Hollywood didn’t welcome me as an actor, but I’ve carved a space in TV.”

Concluding, Bullard draws on his roots: “Style isn’t about wealth. It’s the art of assembling and editing.” He’s a firm believer that one doesn’t need millions for a chic interior, emphasizing the impact of good lighting. With a playful smile, he adds, “But, of course, a lavish budget has its charms!”

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