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Jun 30
Incredible Ocean’s Eleven-Style Heist Thwarted by Las Vegas Police

In a gripping incident reminiscent of the famous movie franchise “Ocean’s Eleven,” law enforcement authorities in Las Vegas recently foiled an audacious heist that had all the elements of a Hollywood thriller. The cunning plan, executed with precision and skill, would have seen the perpetrators make off with an astronomical sum of money. Thanks to […]

Apr 21

All major resorts on the Las Vegas Strip now charge resort fees Even those, like Planet Hollywood, that once proudly advertised not doing so. According to a growing chorus of consumer advocacy websites, however, paying these fees is unnecessary because they’re illegal. “You do not legally have to pay any hotel resort fee,” claims […]

Jan 20
Las Vegas Strip – Casinos and Visitors Get Big Covid, RSV News

Since covid first became a thing, Las Vegas fell under more scrutiny than any travel destination that wasn’t a Walt Disney theme park or a cruise ship.  Sin City got blamed for some early spread, even though it became clear pretty quickly that the virus was going to become a global problem. The Las Vegas […]

Dec 28
Longest-Running Las Vegas Strip Show Closing Unexpectedly

Very few shows have a 10-year run, let alone get to play for 40 years on the Las Vegas Strip. Wayne Newton has been around as a Las Vegas headline act for roughly 60 years, but he has topped many shows across the city. Donnie and Marie Osmond had an impressive run before Marie left […]