Amazing interview with Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu
Among the most famous and influential women in the world of Makers, there is certainly Naomi Wu. Many of you know her with the nickname “SexyCyborg“.
We wanted to interview her to understand how she has achieved this popularity and to understand what she thinks of the OpenSource world.

Boris Landoni – You are a star in the social world. In you channel YouTube you have more than 75K subscribed people, on TW more than 22K followers. How do you explain this success?

Naomi Wu – There are physical factors of course, but I think strategy and following best practices also play a role. I didn’t have the most comprehensive education so I never really assume I’ll just be able to pick something up and be good at it. As with hardware and coding, when I got on YouTube and Twitter I did as much reading and research as I could. Of course like anything else some things are more effective than others- and why waste time figuring out what other people already have and are sharing that information? I often joke my super-power is reading instructions- and for Social Media strategy that’s what I did.

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