WaterSlyde, the Aquatic Sex Toy Makes “Bath Time” Much More Exciting

The WaterSlyde takes the infamous shower masturbation method to the next level.
Lana Parker

When it comes to using sex toys for masturbation (or with a partner!), vibrators, clitoral stimulators, dildos, and anal accessories are usually the go-tos pleasure devices. But, there are other sex-toy-free ways to masturbate as well. Aside from manual stimulation (a.k.a. fingering), the good old water faucet method reigns supreme—especially for those looking to get off without penetration. In fact, using the water stream from the bathtub faucet or shower is one of the ways many young women (or any vagina-owner, for that matter) have their first self-pleasure experience—whether by accident or word of mouth (I remember a friend of mine in junior high spilling the details at her bathtub faucet discovery at a sleepover).

Later in life, many vagina-owners may come to discover that water play mimics the feel of oral sex—so yes, using the water faucet method is not just for pre-teens and teens. If you still enjoy water masturbation, you need to check out the Lovability WaterSlyde. The aquatic masturbation stimulator is designed to make masturbating in water even better.

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