(GREELEY, CO)— Once a brewery selling the majority of its volume through the taproom, WeldWerks Brewing Co. has since become a nationally recognized beer-maker in its nearly eight-year span. The brewery has grown in production, nearly tripling its barrelage annually, created more than 100 beer brands per year since 2018, established Colorado as a significant player in the Hazy IPA beer category with Juicy Bits, and has garnered impressive acclaim with its Medianoche Barrel-Aged Stout program.

As WeldWerks matures, the brewery is continuing to pour its passion and dedication into its craft while leveling up its business plan. This year WeldWerks will increase its focus and reach in the following states: California, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

“Expanding our distribution footprint is a natural evolution for WeldWerks,” says WeldWerks Co-Founder and Co-Owner Neil Fisher. “Colorado will always be our home and our primary market, but over the years we have been humbled and overwhelmed by our popularity beyond the Colorado borders. As we continue to grow as a brand, we want to make sure our beers are accessible to all customers.”

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