Jun 19
Celebrate Father’s Day with Bad Dad Brewing

Celebrate Father’s Day with Bad Dad Brewing. Learn about their beginnings. Find out about their unique craft beers and authentic pizzas. read more…

Jun 18
The best places to vacation naked in all 50 states

If you’re seeking an afternoon or two of idyllic undressed freedom, be it a nude beach, a topless pool or a hike in the buff, it’s a lot easier to find than you may imagine: To varying degrees, there’s a place in every single state in the US where you can satisfy your inner exhibitionist, […]

Jun 18

This is not a list of the best breweries in 2021. This list is based on production volume and not popularity. It includes only those breweries that qualify as craft brewers according to the definition provided by the Brewers Association. Each year, about this time of year, the Brewers Association releases this list as part […]

Jun 11
Why Does Portland Have so Many Strip Clubs?

So… Why Does Portland Have so Many Strip Clubs? Well when it comes to self-imposed eccentricity, the city of Portland, Oregon has no equal. It is a place where a human can, in the course of 24 hours, visit a museum of velvet paintings, join in on a World Naked Bike Ride, be serenaded by […]

Jun 10
Former Sex Worker Naomi Sayers Runs For Office

Former sex worker Naomi Sayers mentioned she will not be shocked by her fourth-place lead to the newest provincial election, held Wednesday. It can be difficult to believe that attitudes are changing about the adult industry when we still deal with judgements, discrimination, and disenfranchisement daily. Yet, there is progress. Steps toward decriminalization of sex […]

Jun 10
Sex Worker Self-Publishes Unique How-To Guide

Sex worker and journalist Cathy Reisenwitz has just self-published a booklet called 3 Steps to Better Boinking. Humorously titled, it obviously tackles the secrets to good sex; but it’s not your typical how-to guide. Many, if not most, sex guides focus primarily on what to do with your body parts during sex. This guide is different […]

Jun 10
San Diego works to level playing field in marijuana industry

SAN DIEGO — San Diego is working to break down barriers people face when entering the marijuana industry. The city is hoping to level the playing field for residents wanting to work in the marijuana business or one day own a dispensary. “We’re wanting to have a conversation with our community about what the barriers are […]

May 30
Strippers Go On Strike

‘No Justice, No Booty’: Portland Strippers Go On Strike and continue organizing for better working conditions two years after Stripper Strike PDX Two years since a general strike among strippers in Portland, Oregon, prompted nearly 30 clubs to adopt worker-protecting measures, sex workers in the region are still organizing to secure better living and working […]

May 31
Strippers work to ‘take back all of the power’ while clubs are shuttered during the pandemic

Kerry Strippers work to ‘take back all of the power’ while clubs are shuttered during the pandemic Cristina Villegas, 21, has been working at a strip club in her hometown of Chicago since she was 18, using the money that she makes from dancing on stage, accompanying men to champagne rooms and giving lap […]

Apr 13
Amazing interview with Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu

open-electronics.orgAmong the most famous and influential women in the world of Makers, there is certainly Naomi Wu. Many of you know her with the nickname “SexyCyborg“.We wanted to interview her to understand how she has achieved this popularity and to understand what she thinks of the OpenSource world. Boris Landoni – You are a star in […]

Apr 09
$75M weed giant Caliva ditches Eaze, launches delivery

It’s a brutal time for marijuana startups. I’m hearing some are raising at one-fifth of their 2019 valuation amid rampant competition, tall taxes and slow legalization. The struggles for marijuana’s best-known startup, delivery service Eaze,  continue as today it’s losing one of its top partners: $75 million-funded weed brand empire Calivahas dropped Eaze in favor of launching its […]

Mar 27
Cruise ship workers say they have so much sex – that their ships are like college dorms

There’s a lot of sex on cruise ships and cruise-ship workers say they have so much that their ships are like college dorms. Among the many distinctive features of a cruise ship job is the fact that you live with your co-workers. That can result in unusually close bonds among employees and an unusual amount […]