Why Does Portland Have so Many Strip Clubs?

So… Why Does Portland Have so Many Strip Clubs?

Well when it comes to self-imposed eccentricity, the city of Portland, Oregon has no equal.

It is a place where a human can, in the course of 24 hours, visit a museum of velvet paintings, join in on a World Naked Bike Ride, be serenaded by a unicycling bagpipe player, and get legally married at a doughnut shop. No surprise then, that Portland’s idolization of all things strange does not let up when it comes to strip clubs.

Among the city’s nighteries is Casa Diablo, the “world’s first vegan gentleman’s club.” Here, customers can enjoy a hummus veggie wrap while watching performers shed their non-animal-based g-strings. In a fashion only befit for Portland, change is given solely in $2 bills.

“You’re not going to find any fur, feathers, wool, or silk, or any other animal products,” owner Johnny Diablo Zukle has said. “We’re all about love and compassion.”

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